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Source Environmental Services, Inc. (SESI) welcomes you to explore our website.

 We are a full scale environmental company specializing in N.O.R.M.  For 20 years now we have specialized in waste handling, remediation and new technologies to provide the greenest solution to any of your problems. 

Source Environmental Services (SES) is a FULL SERVICE Environmental company serving primarily the Oilfield community, in the U.S and now in the Middle East.  SES specializes in Decontamination and Remediation of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) contaminated Equipment and Grounds.  We have been providing the engineering procedures and cost estimates, permitting, personnel and equipment, record keeping and compliance verification of every job both in our commercial decontamination facilities and on our customers’ facility’s since 1990. 

SES was the first certified, licensed contractor to be allowed to legally dispose of the NORM waste in well bore offshore Gulf of Mexico.  Common sense solutions like putting waste back into underground formations, the source from which it was produced, has made our company successful. 

Source is versatile being able to handle a wide range of projects: from small projects costing a few thousands dollars to major pipe decontamination jobs, including plug and abandonment of oil wells and remediation of their facilities ranging in cost into the millions of dollars.

Our diligent attention to safety, quality, and efficiency in treating NORM are an inseparable part of our daily operation and has given SOURCE the edge in assuring successful job completion.  This diligence attention has also allowed SES to attain an industry low insurance modifier for Workmen’s Compensation insurance, which can only be attained by a proven record in the field.  Our safety record is unblemished.

            As in most industries, the test of performance can be gauged by repeat business.  A remarkable 75% of our business comes from repeat customers.  By starting with common goals, schedules, the right equipment, trained and experienced manpower we have the ability to control costs.

            We are pleased that in accepting our company you too are interested in the services of a more effective and environmentally friendly approach to overcome your problem. Thank you for visiting our site!


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Paper written for the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference:

Remediation of Hazardous Waste with an Emphasis on NORM

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