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Source is leading the way in the environmental industry to provide our customers with the best available technology to satisfy their needs.  As mentioned before, we have patented machinery to most effectively separate waste streams and minimize contamination.  Some of the following technologies Source either owns the patents for or the rights/license to use:

Petro Cell- The cleanest method for oily waste disposal and the least expensive.  This technology can interface extremely well with SESI’s injection well.

No Moving Parts Grinder- This equipment provides the most torturous path for sludge particles to be mixed with chemicals for separation. We are currently using this on a drill cutting cleaning test.

Triple Sand Wash Machine- This unit that was designed and found to be very effective in washing oil from beach sand.  With a few modifications, it is currently being used to clean the NORM impacted gravel on large locations, there by minimizing and concentrating Norm for disposal.

Portable Slurry Pump Down Unit- This is the best-engineered injection unit on the market.  We have found less wear and failure while providing the least cost injection service available.

Injection Well – SESI, through its sister company Petro Disposal, LLC., owns a non-hazardous, oilfield waste injection well that is scheduled to be in service first quarter of 2007.  Shortly thereafter, the SESI group of companies will treat and dispose of contaminated solids under the authority of a LADNR permit.  Petro Disposal, LLC will be capable of accepting solids and liquids via ground and water borne (e.g., barge) transportation.

High Tech Chemicals- SES Chemicals, LLC is a licensed distributor for chemicals to be used as follows: Microbial Remediation, Salt Burn damaged ground, most environmental friendly fire fighting foam, chemical and machinery to fluidize Barium scale, and a mobile heated unit and chemical to circulate and clean lines and equipment on our customers site.



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